How Exercise Promotes Neuroplasticity – Helping the Body Adjust to Aging

What can you do to get moving?

Challenging physical activity can get you out of your chair and active!

As we age our bodies change. The Learn to Move Active Aging Program is scientifically designed to allow us to better cope with the changes of aging. A structured exercise program not only allows us to feel better and remain more active, but it enables the body to adapt to changes and lessen the effects of those changes. (1) Also, cognitive disfunction is a common consequence of aging, and compromised mental health is a global problem of older people. So what’s the best weapon? Exercise and diet!

Image result for free pictures of seniors exercisingNormal aging is associated with progressive functional losses in perception, cognition, and memory. Although the root causes of age-related cognitive decline are incompletely understood, psychophysical and neuropsychological evidence suggests that a significant contribution stems from poorer signal-to-noise conditions and down-regulated neuromodulatory system function in older brains. Because the brain retains a lifelong capacity for plasticity and adaptive reorganization, dimensions of negative reorganization should be at least partially reversible through the use of an appropriately designed training program. (2)

Our Active Aging Program is designed for both individuals and senior care facilities and provides an easy to use road map to better fitness. Exercises designed to improve neuroplasticity are a science based, structured program that takes you to better health one step at a time and fights the effects of aging – both physically and mentally.

Taking a scientific approach by selecting the most beneficial exercises, the LTMA program provides age appropriate exercises phased in and out throughout the course of the program, providing new and challenging exercises at every step – stimulating both mind and body.

Our program for senior care facilities provides exercises suitable for groups sessions that will both entertain and benefit the participants. It gives instructors and trainers a step by step series of science based exercises, explains what the purpose and benefits of each exercise, gives tips as to what to watch for and correct, and provides a video so see the exercise being properly performed. We can also provide an LTMA Certified Trainer to conduct classes at your facility.

The individual program provides the same features and benefits, while allowing individuals of all ages to enjoy and more healthy and active lifestyle.

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